Dr. Brandeis was recently featured on the DOCTORS SHOW talking about Triple Therapy.


AFFIRM Science is a team of innovative pioneers.

Dr. Judson Brandeis has always been on the cutting edge. As a newly
trained Urologic Surgeon in 2002, he was one of the first urologists in the
country to pioneer robotics in the operating room. Several years later he
was an early adopter of using lasers to treat prostate disease, and in 2013
his private practice was one of the first in the country to utilize MRI guidance
for prostate biopsies.

As an industry leader, Dr. Brandeis was attracted to the new technology of low
intensity shock wave therapy (SWT) for erectile dysfunction. He trained in
Shock Wave Therapy at the Gainswave institute and began to build the PUMP Center. As he
and his wife, also a medical professional, were talking about SWT for ED, his
wife suggested adding a supplement that could improve the results of SWT.
Anjali Brandeis trained as a dentist at UCLA and remembered physiology
lectures by Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro and hearing him talk about Nitric
Oxide boosters.

They consulted Mark Moyad, an expert in Urologic Nutrition at
University of Michigan, and they came up with supplement ingredients that
are scientifically proven to boost Nitric Oxide.  Thus, AFFIRM and Affirm Science were born.

Affirm Science is now conducting studies with Gainswave to determine the
strength of the synergistic effect of AFFIRM Nitric Oxide boosting with Shock
Wave Therapy for ED. In addition, the increased blood flow of Nitric Oxide
boosters is being used by many to improve mental sharpness and athletic

Affirm Science knows that you will quickly recognize the benefits of boosting
Nitric Oxide. AFFIRM’s effects on improving blood flow will improve the quality of your life.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Judson Brandeis at the Podium at the Sexual Medicine Meeting

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Judson Brandeis, presenting his research on AFFIRM and GAINSwave at the Sexual Medicine Meeting in Miami.

Dr. Brandeis and the AFFIRM research abstract

Dr. Brandeis discusses TRIPLE THERAPY with Health Guru Dave Asprey

Dr. Brandeis challenges Ben Greenfield to a Spartan Race!